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Increase your field force productivity

The Axsy Mobile App is a vertically integrated, offline-first, Salesforce-native, no-code solution with value-add features designed for worker efficiency.

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The only mobile app you need

Combine the power of the Salesforce Platform with a suite of no-code tools that boost productivity, even when offline.


Calendar & Schedule

Access to your daily, weekly and monthly agenda simplifies your schedule planning so you know when and where you need to be.

Route Optimisation
Routes White-1.png

Route Optimisation

Find the most efficient way to plan your day - even when offline - so you can do more in less time.


Configurable Menu

Get quick and easy access to any - and all - the Salesforce data you need, including the ability to visualise that data on a map.

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All the information you need, all in one place, so you can make the real-time decisions that can positively impact your work. Powered by Salesforce Flow.


Screen Flow

Create highly customised mobile workflow using Salesforce Flow and Axsy's offline-first Flow engine.

Smart Forms
Smart Forms White-1.png

Smart Forms

Guided surveys and inspections which lead you down only the relevant paths so you can complete your work as efficiently as possible. Powered by Salesforce Flow.

Smart PDFs

Smart PDFs

Turn data into documents and generate customer-ready PDFs for signing, sharing and printing. Powered by Salesforce Flow.

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Order Capture
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Order Capture

Collect orders, sell products & services and apply discounts & promotions so you can turn any customer interaction into a revenue generating one. Powered by Salesforce Flow.

Retail Execution

Retail Execution

Efficiently track, execute and complete your assigned in-store tasks with an easy-to-use UI designed for productivity, even when offline. Powered by Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

Smart Vision
Smart Vision White-1.png

Smart Vision

Easily perform inventory calculations using image recognition capabilities that are embedded within the Axsy Mobile App and work even when offline. Powered by on-device AI.

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