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Lower your TCO

The Axsy Mobile App helps you achieve a faster time-to-market all while reducing your overall license costs and in-life service costs.


The only mobile app you need

All Axsy features are included at no extra cost, allowing you to do more for (a lot) less


Powered by Salesforce

No-code configuration through standard Salesforce metadata and tools, such as standard & custom objects, page layouts, permissions and Salesforce Flow.

Einstein Grey-1.png
Flow Debugger White-1.png

Troubleshoot with intelligence

With Axsy's in-app offline Flow Diagnostics Tool, if things don't go as intended, it's easy to get insight into why.

Form Designer

Easily design forms, surveys & inspections

Build Axsy Smart Forms with an intuitive no-code drag-and-drop designer that simplifies the creation of complex and dynamic processes that need to be completed in the field.

Form Designer-1.png
Config Tool
Config Tool White-1.png

Configuration and not code

The Axsy Config Tool provided complete control - with no coding - to administrators over what data and what features are made accessible to different users and profiles.

Event Console

Give support teams the knowledge they need

Provide support personnel with visibility into how the Axsy Mobile App is being used in the field through the Axsy Events Console so they can provide targeted and efficient support.

Events Console-1.png
Map Console
Maps Console White-1.png

Ensure field teams are where they need to be

See at a glance where your field personnel currently are and where they have been throughout the day with the Axsy Map Console. 

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